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A Young Man and a Strange Woman: Warnings From Proverbs 7


A powerful and horrific warning, Proverbs 7 candidly presents how easily sin can destroy the life of the Christian. Every person who is a saved child of God is in the crosshairs of Satan’s desired destruction! Satan is prepared to work his plan until a devastating victory for Hell is won.

Author: Greg Neal

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About The Book

This book meticulously analyzes the characteristics of each character in Proverbs 7, reveals the pitfalls leading to each of their demises, and gives the Biblical remedies to help the Christian avoid Satan’s ruin. This book not only will help the new Christian to understand how easily sin can beset but also will assist the seasoned servant of God to fortify his life so that he can flourish for the glory of God.

This guide will benefit old and young men and women because sin does not care about the “who” or the “what” in its desire to destroy. This book A Young Man and a Strange Woman takes a Bible chapter and shows each believer how to reinforce his defense in spiritual warfare and how to strengthen his stand for Christ!

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